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New Fitness Program themed around sports and games for those looking to lose weight, tone up and get stronger.

Flex FP local fitness classes are for those looking to lose weight, tone up and increase strength. The workout sessions will be at different parks around the community and themed to target the tri factor that keeps us whole: Mind, Body and Nutrition. These fitness programs will include:

Field Day Game Workouts
Flag Football Training and workout
Pool Workouts
Workouts on the Beach
Eating Right Workshops 
Support Groups and talks 
Unique Training Methods such as yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba 
Workout Guides and Nutrition Plan on our website
Motivation and Guidance through Podcast and Youtube Channel


Flex Fp will provide you with one of the best workout experiences you will ever have! Edouard will push you to your limit and motivate you every step of the way. The flex experience is very rewarding; I built so much endurance, I was able to tone up and get in shape. It was well worth it and I will be returning soon

Yamiley Nestor

Boca Raton, FL FAU

Every session is unique with its exercises. The trainers really help you reach your goal and constantly are there to support you. They will check up on you and as well give you advice outside the gym for you to do. I have been with flex fitness and performance for a month now and I have really seen some progress. It is a great program if you are looking to build up and gain weight. It is totally worth it! Thank you FlexFP!

Amish Dave

Boca Raton, FL FAU

I absolutely enjoyed each session at Flex. The workout are challenging but they push you to your max and then some. My workouts were really interesting and enjoyable. Real life exercises with a twist that leaves you feel great later. Need results... Join Flex!

Estha M

Boca Raton, FL

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Thank you for choosing to join Flex FP to help your fitness journey. If you are ready to get into this program and start the process of getting to the best shape of your life, Please click the link below.

  • Workout Plan

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Motivation

  • Progress Tracking

  • Support from Peers