Learn how to teach others or apply specific exercises and mental shifts to release stress, anxiety, anger, and other disabling emotions through Medical Qi Gong and Holistic Mental Health Fitness. It has been discovered that every emotion has a specific pattern of breath and pattern of thought. This session will enable you to imprint neurological pathways in the brain that will lead you to a new awareness of your body, thought and emotional patterns. Learning these mental and physical exercises will serve an empowering way to prevent escalation of mental distortion, anxiety, and stress. Any mental health professional, community leader or people enduring anxiety, stress and depression would benefit from learning these mental, physical and internal exercises.



 Target Audience:  (Include profession, experience level, demographics, etc.)


Mental Health Professionals: All Levels

Community Leaders: All experience Levels

All age Groups of people enduring anxiety, stress and depression



Learning Outcomes:



Medically documented benefits include an increase in:

  • Gain the ability to focus under stressful conditions

  • Learn how to implement physical and mental relaxation with breathing and thinking

  • Gain relief from depression and anxiety

  • Improve the ability to let go of addictive behaviors

  • Obtain high energy levels

  • Improve Self-confidence

  • Improve immune system functioning

  • Identifying Cortex-Based Anxiety and using exposure to decrease anxiety and reprogram the brain.

  • Identify Amygdala-based anxiety and use mental techniques to reduce and replace automatic reactions to anxiety-provoking circumstance, thoughts or occurrence.

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