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Empty calories causes malnutrition

Alcohol or spirits were originally medicine. Medicinal liquors or cordials were used as heart or liver tonics. The Benedictine monks now famous for Benedictine gave the recipe to Katherine the Great of Russia after being coerced. Within two generations the crowned heads of Europe were alcoholics and then it filtered down to the general populace. Each liqueur comes from a specific plant. Juniper berries create Gin, which is extremely hard on liver. Other clear liquors are better for you: Vodka, White Rum and Tequila, one ounce a day is not harmful but can be beneficial in thinning the blood.

Beer can be food. Empty calories. Stouts, Ales, Dark Beer are better for you. Micro- brews are better than advertised brands.

WINE: Mixers, Wine Coolers, specialty drinks are all NO-NOs.

Red Wine is better for you than white wine. One glass with dinner is OK. Of course organic wine does not have sulfites or pesticide residues. The antioxidants in grape skin, which gives it the red color. White wine has the skins removed.

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