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Updated: Dec 9, 2019


Excessive intake of refined flours can cause constipation. Water and flour make a very good glue.

In kindergarten we made glue from bleached wheat flour

and water to paste our pictures on the wall. Flyer distributors paste their signs on poles with wheat paste. It's cheap and effective. Imagine that glue in your intestines, holding fats and toxins you've accumulated hostage, preventing them from being eliminated. Scary isn't it. Do you crave white flour products and bread? Cravings indicate a wheat allergy. You can develop an allergy to any food from over consumption.

The ancient Africans in Egypt developed stone mills for grinding wheat berries to make bread shortly after they discovered the process for making beer. The identification of yeast is the catalyst that connects these two events. Wheat berries have a protein/starch structure called gluten that both elastic and resistant. Bread results when gluten is attacked by yeast cells and the carbon dioxide bubbles that are given off stretch and swell the wheat's starch core into large upstanding loaves. The wheat that is grown for commercial bakery products is called White wheat. It is low in protein and low in gluten. Very little food value to begin with. Soft winter red wheat is the most common wheat grown in the Eastern U.S. It is used for crackers, cakes, snack foods, and piecrusts. It is high in starch and low in protein. It is marked "unbleached flour". Avoid it. The best wheat to use is called Hard Red Spring Wheat. It is high in protein and is the best flour for bread. Grains are easily stored but flour spoils. Grains found in Egyptian tombs 5000 old have been sprouted. One would be wise to purchase an electric grain mill and grind one's own flour as needed.

With the advent of the Industrial revolution, packaged flour would spoil because the Germ (endosperm) had oil in it, which would turn rancid after approximately three weeks. So they took out the endosperm along with the bran. Then when the Sugar, Rum, Slave trade triangle was at its height, they decided to bleach the flour, like they bleached the sugar. Some of the early abolitionists created a storm of protest and public meetings against the concept of White representing purity. These abolitionists founded the Natural Food Movements. Sylvester Graham (of Graham Crackers fame) was the leader of the protest against bleached white flour. He was the father of the Natural foods movement in this country. Unfortunately modern Graham Crackers bear no resemblance to its original concept.


Adding fiber to your diet can be very easy if you plan. Grains and beans are high in fiber. Fruits are high in fiber. Fresh or dried coconut is high in fiber.

Cruciferous vegetables like celery, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and string beans are high in fiber. Leafy greens like collards; spinach, kale, mustard, and chard are high in fiber.

Bread/Flour substitute, whole grain, sprouted, flourless, Millet, Spelt. Order German bread.

Reduce Risk of Food Allergies:

100% Flourless Bread Sprouted Wheatberry Bread Manna Bread Gluten & Gluten Free

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